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Organizational Effectiveness Evaluation




Maurietta Powell, Angela Beausejour,


Janet, Yolnie Thalan Merriweather


January 30, 2017


Vinicia McNeil Joyner Introduction


Walt Mart is one of the larger Stores in the United State and other countries around the


world. The company vision and mission is to “be the best retail in the earth and minds of the


consumers and employees.” Walmart located in more than 150 countries, with 2.2 million


employees around the world with revenue of $485 billion on a fiscal year. The organization


strategies are to provide everyday low price to their customers and helping their customers to


save money live and better.


Organization’s Primary Product or Service


Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., was incorporated on October 31, 1969. The company’s primary


service is in retail, wholesale and other units around the world. The Company offers an


assortment of merchandise and services at extremely low prices daily. The Company operates


through three different entities: Walmart U.S., Walmart International and Sam’s Club. The


Walmart U.S. division includes the Company’s mass merchant concept in the United States


operating under the Walmart or Wal-Mart brands, as well as digital retail. The Walmart International division consists of the company’s operations outside of the United States,


including many different retail websites. The Sam’s Club segment includes the warehouse


membership clubs in the United States, as well as


Organization’s Overarching Goal


According to Merriam Webster (2017), the definition of overarching is the inclusion or


influence of every part of something. In relation to business, an overarching goal is a goal that


encompasses the vision and mission of the organization. An overarching goal has influence


over every goal set by the company. Since 2011, Walmart has declared their overarching goals in corporate sustainability to be: to use 100 percent renewable energy, create zero waste, and


sell products that sustain people and environment (Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 2017). The company


has embraced this overarching goal by creating a Zero Waste to Landfill program which


includes food donations and a recycle, repurpose, and reuse in 50 separate waste categories.


Walmart’s overarching goal is the driving force of their vow to save people money so they can


live better (Wal-Mart Store, Inc. 2017).


Resources to Evaluate Organization’s Effectiveness


Walmart is well known worldwide and has grown to be recognizable organization. They


have been able to grow international business and contribute to organizations. Although


Walmart has grown so much over the years, it has not always been the best place to work for.


There have been lawsuits, complaints against Walmart, most of them from their own employees.


In order for Walmart to take their effectiveness in the organization, they would need to use some


resources or tools to improve. They need to be to be able to understand the customer better,


“customer should be always right, no matter what.” Walmart needs to be able to give their


employees the importance that needs to be effective in business as well. Walmart needs training


the employees in the area that needs improvement. Walmart can give the employees the proper


tools and steps to become a successful employee. Conclusion References Merriam Webster (2017). Define overarching. Retrieved from


Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 2017. About Us. Retrieved from


Snell, S., Morris, S., & Bohlander, G. (2016). Managing human resources (17th ed.).


Boston, MA: Cengage Learning


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