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Client: Ana just turned 26 years old. After losing her parents in a car accident a month ago, she inherited $5 million.

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Ana just turned 26 years old. After losing her parents in a car accident a month ago, she inherited $5 million. She is very optimistic about the current market and has asked your firm to identify a personal wealth portfolio, commensurate with that market outlook and risk level, which outperforms the S & P 500 performance return. She prefers to invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, but is open to other options including offshore investments or other strategies to minimize her tax burden. Because she is a single parent to her one-year-old son, Robert, and is currently attending graduate school, she also needs to keep some of her assets available to pay tuition and daycare expenses over the next two to five years. She also wants to make sure Robert is provided for should something happen to her. Although retirement is many years away, she would like to start planning for that eventuality. Ideally, she would like to retire at age 60, with at least $100,000 per year annual income (adjusting for inflation and not including pension or social security benefits), and ideally more.

You will submit a draft of your business wealth management memo. Your draft should contain all of the critical elements.

Imagine the client you also recently created a fast-growing technology limited liability corporation (LLC) that the client wants to see grow and succeed. The business currently employs five full-time staff, and the client is heavily involved in managing the company. However, the client expects the company to grow rapidly, and would eventually like to sell the business to pursue other interests. As before, you may make assumptions about details of the business that are not included in the description above, as needed to inform your suggestions. However, you must specify these assumptions clearly in your memo.)

The client has asked for your firm’s advice on ways to anticipate and mitigate risks, provide retirement benefits for employees, comply with tax laws in ways that are most beneficial to the company’s long-term bottom line, and plan for business succession. (In order to determine relevant laws and regulations, assume the business is headquartered in the state/location where you currently reside or in a location in which you might be interested in doing business in the future. Be sure to state clearly in your memo what location you are using.)

To prepare for an initial conversation with the client, the portfolio manager has asked you to prepare a brief, high-level memo laying out issues or concerns related to business wealth management in broad terms.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

Executive Summary. Briefly restate the client’s request, as well as how you went about answering it. What additional information might you need to gather from the client to better assess the business’s needs?Business Risk. How might the client mitigate common business risks? Support your response with specific examples that illustrate both the risk and potential ways to address it. Your suggestions do not need to be exhaustive, but should give an idea of the different types of financial risk a start-up might face, including elements of the financial statements that the client should pay particularly close attention to as they review annual performance.Retirement Benefits. What are the key considerations in planning retirement benefits for the business? What options might the client consider and why? Be sure to discuss the pros and cons of each option and how those would (or would not) change as the business grows. Your suggestions do not need to be exhaustive, but should serve as a starting point for discussion with the client.Tax Implications. How might the client incorporate tax considerations in planning? Give examples of different federal or state tax rules that might apply and how these might impact the company’s opportunity for growth. Because the purpose of the memo is to start a conversation with the client, your response does not need to be exhaustive but should be illustrative of different types of tax management strategies the business might consider.Business Succession Planning. Suggest business succession options for the client to consider. Justify your response, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the different options and how the client might go about determining which option best aligns with the needs.

Your paper must be submitted as a 3- to 5-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and at least three sources cited in APA format.

From: Wealth management Consultants


To: Anna Meres


Subject: Personal wealth portfolio


Dear Ms. Ana,


Pursuant to your personal wealth management request, we recommend the following wealth




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