Marketing 3401: Principles of Marketing | Spring 2017 - Section X Individual Project | Self-Reflection | Dr. Santaella [Your First Name] [Your Last

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please help me doing this presentation, just imagine that your career is general business, and your father has a hardware store, your plan is work with your father in the future. but first you want to get some experience working in another company. there is the rubric and the instructions. 

Think about your future employment in your field. Then, reflect on the marketing definition.

Describe what valuable benefits you would provide to your future workplace as an intern or full-time worker. While you need to tell me about yourself, don’t start by talking about what you need from the job or how it benefits you. By planning, writing, and giving a message, describe how you can contribute and collaborate your skills to that employer or job. Recount the information that you would tell this employer or customer that can differentiate you from other prospective candidates for the job.

Given that first impressions are unforgettable, before you introduce yourself think through what you want from your career long-term. Imagine who you want to become after you are out of this class. Then, formulate a statement that will project the value that makes you.

Rubric for Part I: Individual Project Video


Signals the end
Reviews the main points
Ends with a clincher
Non-verbal behaviors
Dressing bolstered professional credibility
Looks at the audience
Refers to note cards, computer, or projection screens without reading them directly Avoids distracting mannerism such shaking, cracking fingers, touching hair, playing with rings, chewing gum
Uses gestures that enhance the key points
No pulling of clothing while talking
Spoke at a good rate
Uses paused to enhance message
Sounds energetic
Uses a conversational tone
Pronounced words correctly
Avoids fillers such as “um, am, okay, you know, etc, and stuff”
Employs appropriate word choice
Language is not discriminatory
Language is professional
Visuals (if applicable)
Incorporates visuals that enhance the message such as titles and subtitles additional images
Can be viewed
Overall evaluation
Tells a vivid image
Gives an overall vision
Takes the audience on a trip and the audience is able to follow
Holds the attention of audience
Delivers within time and restrictions
Uses stories, facts, quotes, or anecdotes,
Doesn’t use “That is it,” “And stuff,” and “You know”
Meets the required elements
Appears prepared
Material shows thought and preparation
Material shows research
Follows instructions
Makes connections to marketing concepts
Timeliness: Given when assigned

Marketing 3401: Principles of Marketing | Spring 2017 - Section X


Individual Project | Self-Reflection | Dr. Santaella


[Your First Name] [Your Last Name]


Question Write in your


correct section WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME?


Question 1: Describe how making this assignment helped you to achieve the


course objective? How? You can mention 3 key benefits from doing this video




Question 2: I understand that for many of my students taking marketing was a


choice, but a requirement of your program. However, I want you to reflect and


think sincerely on one good thing that you discovered by doing this assignment


that helped you to increase your interest or understanding of having taken




Answer: NOTE:


Look for the Word file. I am giving it to you so that you don’t make a mistake. Use it!


Note the Section you belong


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