Project 1 Your organisation has been developing a new product.

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Project 1

  • Your organisation has been developing a new product. Market research, conducted prior to the development of the new product, indicated that it should be viable, will meet the needs of the target market and is going to be profitable. Many months have been spent working on product development, which has involved considerable cost input.You are the manager of a six person marketing team and have been advised, by senior management, that the product is almost ready for sale. An intense promotion and marketing campaign is required, backed up by a long-term marketing strategy. Plans have been drawn up and are ready for implementation.
  • 1Part 1Write a 3,000 word paper outlining the steps and procedures you would follow to:
    1. Implement a marketing plan that includes the initial promotion—introduction of the product to the market—and the long-term strategy.
    2. Ensure that the marketing and promoting plans align with the goals and strategic plans for the organisation and complies with legislation.
    3. Identify marketing strategies and the right marketing mix
    4. Involve and inform relevant personnel in the organisation.
    5. Monitor and evaluate the initial promotion—using appropriate metrics.
    6. Use the evaluation data to benefit the team and the organisation.

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