Beal (2015) used exploratory, descriptive qualitative design in the study.

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Beal (2015) used exploratory, descriptive qualitative design in the study. This type of study design is fundamental in the cases that the need arises for the investigation of the perception of the interested groups in the population about a given problem. Moosa and Gibbs (2014) asserts that the design of a study influences the success of the investigation since it helps in the determination of the research sample, the decision on the data collection tools as well as the methods used in the data analysis and presentation. In this regard, Beal (2015) made use of this design due to the advantages of the research design including the fact that the design helps in the improvement of the understanding of the topic under investigation.

In this relation, the exploration of the perceptions of the African American women about stroke is to be understood, and the use of the design helps in the increased understanding of factors such as the way that the individuals receive information. Additionally, the study seeks to see how the synthesis of the information collected is done and the ways that the black women act after receiving the information regarding the heath conditions.  

Secondly, the exploratory-descriptive qualitative design helps in ensuring that the concepts of testing are done thoroughly before the information is released to the market. This is because the exploration design is bound to gather more information as compared to having a questionnaire as a collection tool. However, the concept testing is a costly process, and the study following this kind of design may be expensive. The design also helps in the study of the possible causes of stroke in the black women in the United States. Also, the continuous use of the exploratory-descriptive qualitative design by the researcher ensures that all the possible cases are studied and listed in chronological order. 

The data sources exploratory-descriptive qualitative design is flexible since the information is gathered from the literature reviews and the informal discussions as well as pilot studies and the case studies. The formal structure interviews are undertaken, and hence all the possible causes are investigated, and one can be able to make a final presentation about the perception of stroke among the African American women. The data sources such as the patients, consumers, as well as the customers and hence the dependability of the information presented are high.

Nevertheless, the use of exploratory-descriptive qualitative design has disadvantages one of which is argued by Zainal (2007) as being the lack of adequate answers to the research questions although the information helps in the provision of hints on the research issues and the success of the achievement of the objectives. The main reason for the indefinite action of the exploratory-descriptive qualitative design is that it may not support the external validity since it involves research in a small population that may not be a representation of all population. This may show that the information gathered may not be used for the conclusion about the larger population. This indicates that the sample may not be taken a representation of the total population


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