22 Compare the CDI's (LADD's) of an adult female to a 10monthold child for exposure to hexavalent chromium from drinking water. The concentration of...

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These are very simple only three problems.

However, need to done it in 3 hours

and need to graph it with excel the last question.

. 2­2 Compare the CDI’s (LADD’s) of an adult female to a 10­month­old child for exposure to hexavalent chromium from drinking water. The concentration of Cr(VI) is 0.01 mg/L and assume ED=AT=1 yr. (10 pts) . 2­3 An adult male receives all his water from a municipal supply that is contaminated with 0.003 mg/L of tetrachloroethylene (PCE). Assume he takes a 15­minute shower every day. The PCE concentration in the air is in equilibrium with the PCE in the water and thus can be determined from Henry’s law from the concentration in the water. PCE has a unitless Henry’s constant KH=1.4, which means Cair=Caq/KH. The dermal permeability constant


of PCE is 6.17×10­5 m/min. (10 pts) . a. Calculate his total annual (ED=AT=1 yr) LADD due to exposures of drinking the water and showering (dermal absorption + inhalation) with the water. b. Which of the three modes of exposure results in the highest delivered dose? 2­4 Calculate the incremental and total risk from PCE in problem 2­3. Be conservative in your selection of CSF. Use oral slope factor for dermal route of exposure. (10 pts) . need to graph it by use an excel


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