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1.Wayne has access to financial and operational data that most others in his organization do not have access. This access is indicative that Wayne has a(n) _____ power base.A) referentB) informationC) rewardD) informal2.When Nicholas told his department they would be able to leave early for the holiday if they completed the budget reports, he was relying on which power base to motivate his employees?A) ReferentB) CoerciveC) ExpertD) Reward3.Taking advantage of any training or educational opportunities provided by your organization will increase your:A) referent power.B) legitimate power.C) expert power.D) information power.4.People with _____ locus of control believe they have little or no control over external events.A) weak externalB) strong internalC) weak internalD) strong external5.Chris has been expecting a promotion since the last couple of years, but the promotion has been getting delayed. He decides to go to the next promotion committee meeting and discuss his reasons for wanting a promotion. Directly standing up for his positions is an example of which political strategy?A) AssertivenessB) BargainingC) IngratiationD) Consultation6.Terry went to the interview dressed in his best suit and made sure he gave the interviewer a firm handshake. Terry was trying to control the interviewer's perception of him using:A) informational management.B) impression management.C) intentional management.D) instrumental management.7.The tactics that help determine how to politic appropriately are: evaluating the organization and ____.A) turning up sensitivityB) analyzing first impressionsC) choosing wiselyD) observing and listening8.People with _____ locus of control believe they have little or no control over external events.A) weak externalB) strong internalC) weak internalD) strong external9.Sally is working at building personal and professional relationships so she will have a chain of information and contacts to help support her new accounting practice. Sally is using which interpersonal skill?A) EmpowermentB) NetworkingC) CoachingD) Mentoring10.The notion that most of us can find a connection to anyone else in the world through six levels of contacts is referred to as the:A) primary network.B) select network.C) secondary network.D) secured network.11.As a new college graduate, Peter needs to develop contacts to ensure that his goal of having his own consulting company becomes a reality in the future. Which of the following would be helpful to Peter in developing and/or maintaining his network?A) He must realize that reciprocity is the only important principle for building a successful network.B) He must avoid analyzing every situation for possibilities.C) He must keep his ambitions and goals under wraps.D) He must nurture relationships with individuals in the profession.12.As a tenured faculty member, Karen took it upon herself to help out and guide Rick, one of the new faculty members. This mentoring relationship would be considered as ____.A) managerialB) informalC) formalD) organizational13.During the _____ stage of a mentoring relationship, there is continued growth and development for both the mentor and protégé and there is mutual sharing, trust, and learning as the relationship becomes more rewarding for both parties.A) orientation and initiationB) cultivationC) separationD) redefinition14.During the _____ phase, the mentor and protégé are assigned or select one another, disclose information, and begin to build trust.A) orientationB) separationC) redefinitionD) cultivation15.One of the key things to do during a networking meeting is to:A) verify how to pronounce the person's name correctly.B) set specific networking goals.C) find out more about the organizational culture.D) practice small talk—develop conversation starters.16.Better Technologies Inc. is attempting to hire some of the best IT specialists by having its current employees encourage acquaintances to join their company. This process is known as:A) selective networking.B) coercive networking.C) peer networking.D) reverse networking.17._____ are leaders who focus their energy on helping others improve their performance and achieve goals.A) CoachesB) ConsultantsC) CounselorsD) Facilitators18._____ in the work area should be dealt with through counseling, to help the employee resolve related issues.A) Lack of abilityB) AttitudeC) IncompetenceD) Lack of information19.Two methods that facilitate the counseling process are ____, and the severity of the problem being addressed in the session.A) the competency of the workforceB) the recurring problemC) the manager's comfort and ability with counselingD) the organizational guidelines20.When helping others to set SMART goals, managers should:A) set the goals for the subordinates.B) make them general.C) avoid modifying or updating original goals.D) use intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.21.Which of the following best describes constructive feedback?A) Truthful, fair, not given as a personal attackB) Supportive, untimely, critical appreciationC) Clear, biased, no reference to improvementD) Subjective, personal, general solution22.The problem with Stan, the office manager, informing Mark that "he has heard that he has been coming in late" is that the feedback was not:A) specific.B) documented.C) timely.D) purposeful.23.What does requesting feedback too frequently imply?A) Demonstrates lack of commitment to improveB) Helps in understanding blind spotsC) Reinforce positive and effective behaviorsD) Lack of confidence in your abilities24.The coaches at Nanotype Data Processing try to make sure that they constantly show their concern and try to empathize with employees' needs and problems. Nanotype's coaching sessions would therefore contain high levels of _____ behaviors.A) non-supportiveB) supportiveC) initiating or problem-solvingD) tangible25.Mark's attitude of superiority has been causing resentment and personal conflict between the other members of his department. His manager could handle this attitude problem through the use of:A) coaching.B) counseling.C) persuasion.D) empowering.


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