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[solution]: Chapter 7 Global Alliances and Strategy Implementation

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31) Which of the following is a strategic implementation used by McDonald's? A) keeping prices low to build market share B) altering menu items significantly to match cultural norms C) using American managers to run international franchises D) forming joint ventures with foreign restaurants to enter new markets 32) Which of the following most likely provides a strategic advantage during the implementation of a global alliance? A) non-collaboration in competitively sensitive areas B) unified technology infrastructure C) centralized decision making by one partner D) high levels of competition between the partners 33) Which of the following factors most significantly affects all other variables necessary for the successful implementation of a global alliance? A) organizational policies B) organizational structure C) employee leadership D) product performance 34) Which of the following terms suggests that global sourcing can produce gains in efficiency, productivity, quality, and profitability by fully leveraging talent around the world? A) transformational outsourcing B) business process reengineering C) inverted sourcing D) lean integration 35) Barton & Green is an MNC based in the U.S. that provides a wide range of software development products. Executives at the firm are considering the idea of outsourcing the company's IT infrastructure. Which of the following best supports the argument that Barton & Green should outsource its IT infrastructure to TMC Enterprises, one of the best IT infrastructure maintenance firms in India? A) The main competitor of Barton & Green outsources all IT functions. B) Outsourcing will enhance Barton & Green's competitiveness. C) Barton & Green's employees frequently need IT support, so it is best to outsource the IT infrastructure. D) Barton & Green has proprietary technology and processes. 36) Barton & Green is an MNC based in the U.S. that makes a wide range of software development products. Executives at the firm are considering the idea of outsourcing the company's IT infrastructure. Which of the following questions is the most relevant to Barton & Green's decision to outsource its IT infrastructure to TMC Enterprises, a firm in India? A) Which type of operating system is primarily used by TMC Enterprises? B) What is the attitude of U.S. consumers about TMC Enterprises? C) What is the financial health of TMC Enterprises? D) Which other firms have outsourced their processes to TMC Enterprises? 37) Opening its own subsidiaries in the host country may be better than contracting with an outside firm in the host country, if it is crucial for the firm to ________. A) produce gains in efficiency, productivity, and quality B) keep control of proprietary technology and processes C) minimize job losses in the home country D) market its products in the host country 38) The initial challenge in implementing strategies in emerging markets is likely to be how to ________. A) compete with other emerging markets B) allocate responsibilities between the partners C) set up new policies and regulations D) navigate poor infrastructures 39) Parent companies use the IJV control process in order to ensure that the management of the joint venture conforms to ________. A) international accounting standards B) qualitative standards C) its own interests D) industry standards 40) Organizational design as a mechanism for factoring international joint venture control refers to the ________. A) human resource plans and policies of the joint venture B) market share and profitability ratios of the organization C) geographic location of the joint venture's facilities D) amount of decision-making power that the joint venture holds


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