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You will also investigate how media convergence is applied to a common form of mass communication


and how this affects you and others. You will explore how production, distribution, and exhibition of one


of the media are changing due to some definable aspect of digitization. After choosing a broad topic and


narrowing that topic, you will:


1. Research your topic.


2. Produce an outline for a report (paper) and a sample works cited in which you will present your




3. Building on your outline and sample works cited, produce a report from an industry perspective. In


your final project you will assess some of the ramifications for this industry and speculate about the


functions and effects for them and others.


This is a written research paper project that also includes an outline and works cited page along with the


final paper.


Length of final paper: 5?7 pages (including works cited page). Guidelines and Requirements


1. Review the information in your text about media convergence (the blending of communication


technologies, operations, or businesses). S-14 Then go to Google or any search engine and type in the


words media convergence. Read at least three articles that discuss media convergence and the


concentration of media ownership.


2. When you have a good idea of what media convergence is, choose from the following list a form of


mass communication that you use most often or that interests you most: o newspapers o magazines o


books o radio o sound recording o motion pictures


3. Once you have chosen one of these broad topics, you?ll need to narrow down that topic to a particular


product, service, or phenomenon within this industry. For example, if you are an avid reader, you might


investigate how the printed book industry is changing due to digital distribution. To narrow this broad


topic, you might look at the role that computers have in the book publishing industry (for example, how


ordering books on Amazon may have replaced an actual trip to the bookstore). Or you might explore


how retail booksellers (like Barnes and Nobles) have changed (coffee, sofas, music, etc.) the face of


bookstores in general. You could also explore e-books or digital books for Kindles. These topics are all


included in digital distribution, so you need to choose one to research. For functions and effects, you


might note the many retail Web sites on the Internet for book sales. How is this affecting your visit to the


bookstore and how you might socialize there? The point is to analyze how you and others are affected by


digital book sales. When choosing your own topic, be sure to choose a topic that interests you.


4. You are required to submit an outline draft of your intended paper and a sample works cited page


(consult the course ?Calendar? for the due date). The outline may be topical, but you?ll need to show


that you have a pattern for organizing your paper and that you have researched the topic. 5. You will


need to use at least eight (8) sources in your final paper (you may have more but not less). You may use


books, newspaper articles, S-15 journals, and general circulation magazine articles, either in print or


online. Keep in mind that you are writing an academic research paper, so use appropriate and credible


sources. You MUST use APA or MLA style for referencing your sources both in the text and in the works


cited page. Try to use at least one source from a broadcast or cable program, and if possible, try to use


an interview (for example, someone connected to that industry). 6. Part of your paper must include an



assessment of how you gained information about your topic. For example, you need to assess the


importance of your sources in terms of actual information that contributed to your learning about your


topic. Also, assess how accessible each of your sources was?what did you have to do to actually get the


material? You will probably want to discuss the Internet and its role as a new mass medium, especially if


you used the Internet for your research. 7. You must use Times New Roman or Arial font, 12 point, for


your final paper and it must be double-spaced. Be sure to include: page numbers a title (title page is


not necessary)




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