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[solution]: Background Information Chase Adams is a forty-six year old

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Background Information


Chase Adams is a forty-six year old Caucasian male from Sacramento,


California. Adams is the regional manager at Blue Umbrella Industries, a local


insurance management company, where he has worked for the last fifteen years.


There are no known medical conditions held by Adams, though his family history


is unknown. He claims to be of Irish, German, Austrian, and Native American


descent, though this is unconfirmed, and perhaps an exaggeration. The patient?s


outward appearance is well put together, as he presents as a business


professional, and there are no obvious health concerns. Despite his seemingly


composed demeanor, Adams displays exaggerated emotions and reactions. In


addition to this, romantic relationships have proven turbulent for Adams


throughout his life, as he goes from one relationship to the next with the other


person usually being the one to end it. He has few close friends or relatives, and


tends to perceive new friendships as closer than they actually are. Adams


believes his subordinates to be his family, and often times gets involved in their


personal lives without their consent. His parents divorced when he was young


(age unknown), and he displays clear resentment towards his stepfather and


sister, whom he once didn?t talk to for fifteen years. Adams has a very close


relationship with his mother now, though this was not case when he was a child.


Though Adams is perceived by his co-workers as a less than competent


manager, he demonstrates above average sales abilities due to his personable


qualities. Adams does not have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, though he will


drink in social situations and when pressured to do so by coworkers.


Description of the Problem


The patient demonstrates many personality traits that could be indicative of a


variety of disorders. Adams seeks attention every opportunity he gets, and this


often interferes with his ability to function in his job as manager. In addition to


attention-seeking, Adams often interrupts his subordinates from working to


discuss his personal life. This behavior not only affects his ability to work, but it


interferes with the overall productivity of the office. It is Adams?s belief that he


should not be seen as just a boss, but more of a close friend and even family


member, to the dismay of his subordinates. This expectation of a close bond


leads Adams to display rapidly shifting emotions, from exuberant and hopeful, to


depressed and hopeless. There seems to be a lack of consistency in his


behavior, rather a dramatic shift from extremely happy to irreversibly sad. In


Adams?s depressed state, he feels as if all his co-workers should be focused on


his problem and that others? problems pale in comparison. When he is happy,


however, work at the office ceases to a halt, as his well-being is put before the


needs of the company. In addition to his attention-seeking and rapidly shifting


emotions, the patient is easily suggestible and is often the victim of pyramid


schemes and persuasive coworkers. Adams also shows a pattern of theatric



behavior, including different characters, voices, and personalities, in which he


uses as distractions on a constant basis.


What is the likely diagnosis for Chase Adams?



Provide three examples from the case that support your diagnosis choice




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