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(Answered) Unit THREE ECOMMERCE BAM 570 E-Commerce Management Multiple

Unit THREE ECOMMERCE BAM 570 E-Commerce Management


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Unit THREE ECOMMERCE BAM 570 E-Commerce Management,


Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet),


1) All of the following are examples of e-government except:,


a. an eBay-seller sells surplus army supplies.,


b. a contractor submits an application for a building permit using a city hall Web site.,


c. an unemployed worker consults a Website operated by the state employment,


department to learn about job openings in his city.,


d. a citizen takes an online drivers? education course.,


2) An example of G2C is ___________.,


a. an employee at the Chamber of Commerce gets local demographic data from a U.S.,


census site.,


b. a driver applies for and pays for the renewal of his auto tag online.,


c. a road contractor uses the Internet to submit a closed bid on a paving contract.,


d. a regional hospital conducts an online reverse auction for cleaning supplies.,


3) Sharing information more quickly and conveniently between the federal and state, local, and,


tribal governments is a performance objective of which category of e-government?,


a. G2C,


b. G2B,


c. G2G,


d. IEE,


4) Chaplin reports quarterly sales revenue from his business to city hall over the Internet. He pays,


his local business tax with a credit card. This is an example of _____________.,


a. e-government,


b. G2C e-commerce,


c. G2B e-commerce,


d. e-procurement,


5) A government agency uses a reverse e-auction to comply with the tendering system,


requirements specified by law. This is an example of _____________.,


a. e-government,


b. G2C e-commerce,


c. G2B e-commerce,


d. e-procurement,


Unit 3 Examination,




BAM 570 E-Commerce Management,


6) What motivated the implementation of government e-procurement?,


a. Governments must interact with other types of governments on a daily basis.,


b. Governments buy large amounts of MROs and other materials directly from suppliers.,


c. The government needs to offer training and education to thousands of employees.,


d. Technology made it possible to quickly implement government-wide systems.,


7) All of the following describe Second Life (SL) and SL Educators (SLED) except:,


a. SLED sponsors meet-and-greet events in SL, helping real-life educators to connect with,


each other.,


b. Educators have been slow to embrace SL because of the complexity of its media-rich,




c. Students and educators can work together in SL from anywhere in the world as part of a,


globally networked virtual classroom environment.,


d. Using SL as a supplement to traditional classroom environments provides new,


opportunities for enriching existing curricula.,


8) More and more people are willing to pay for digital music, as shown by the success of,




a. Napster,


b. Kazaa,


c. iTunes,


d. P2P,


9) E-books can be delivered in all of the following ways except:,


a. via Web access.,


b. via Web download.,


c. via RFID.,


d. via dedicated reader.,


10) The primary advantage that e-books offer publishers is _____________.,


a. the ability to reach many readers,


b. lower production, marketing, and delivery costs,


c. the ease of customizing textbooks and trade books,


d. the ease of updating books in real-time,


Unit 3 Examination,




BAM 570 E-Commerce Management,


11) A major purpose of an organizational knowledge base is to support and allow ______________.,


a. knowledge sharing,




c. responsible blogging,


d. organizational capital,


12) M-commerce transactions and activities require _____________ and ______________.,


a. wired networks; access points,


b. cell phones; portable computers,


c. hardware and software infrastructures; infrastructure support,


d. smartphones; switches,


13) Characteristics of mobile devices that need to be considered when designing mobile,


computing systems include all of the following except:,


a. small screens.,


b. reduced memory.,


c. restricted input capabilities.,


d. broad bandwidth.,


14) A ___________ is suitable for mobile users who need to make very short-range device-to-device,


wireless connections within a small space, such as a single room, and most commonly with,




a. personal area network,


b. local area network,


c. wireless area network,


d. Wi-Fi area network,


15) A(n) ____________ is a computer system capable of integrating, storing, editing, analyzing,,


sharing, and displaying spatial information.,


a. GIS,


b. GPS,


c. L-commerce system,


d. OnStar system,


Unit 3 Examination,




BAM 570 E-Commerce Management,


16) You are walking near a coffee shop and suddenly your cell phone beeps with a message:,


?Come inside and get a free biscotti with any purchase.? This is an example of _____________.,


a. permission marketing,


b. location-based advertising,


c. customer relationship management,


d. m-commerce,


17) Health risks of cell phone use include all of the following except:,


a. cell phone addiction.,


b. damage from cell radio frequency emissions.,


c. spinal injury.,


d. repetitive stress injury.,


18) Ethical issues raised by m-commerce include all of the following except:,


a. limited access to data and documents.,


b. privacy invasion.,


c. infringing on workers? personal time.,


d. isolation.,


19) In order to protect the privacy of individuals, privacy protection defenses must be __________.,


a. designed into RFID tags, nodes, and networks,


b. addressed in a post hoc fashion,


c. addressed in an ad hoc fashion,


d. the responsibility of government agencies,


20) The banking industry was a good candidate for disruption by person-to-person (P2P),


technology and disintermediation by ZOPA because _____________.,


a. the industry offers a widely-needed service,


b. of fierce competition and low barriers to entry,


c. the industry was making huge profit margins off customers,


d. the industry had small profit margins,


21) _____________ are companies that introduce a significant change in their industries, thus,


causing a disruption in normal business operations.,


a. Disruptors,


b. Mashups,


c. Information clouds,


d. Web 3.0,


Unit 3 Examination,




BAM 570 E-Commerce Management,


22) The real estate brokerage industry has been disrupted by companies such as Zillow and,


HomeGain for each of the following reasons except:,


a. Homeowners can enter and go to zestimate to get an approximation of their,


home?s market value with a map of the neighborhood.,


b. The Zillow and Homegain sites provide more services and information than Web 1.0.,


c. The Web 2.0 real estate sites have driven down commissions from 6 percent to almost 1,




d. Homeowners can get comparisons of the estimated price of their home with neighbors?,




23) Companies can interface with social networks in all of the following ways except:,


a. use search engine optimization (SEO) to increase search engine ranking.,


b. use existing public social networks, such as Facebook or MySpace, or virtual worlds,,


such as Second Life to create pages and microcommunities.,


c. create an in-house private social network and then use it for communication and,


collaboration among employees and retirees or with outsiders.,


d. conduct business activities in a business-oriented social network, such as LinkedIn, or,


sponsor such a site.,


24) Craigslist and MySpace provide ________ to search based on friends and contacts or by,


geographic proximity.,


a. entrepreneurial networks,


b. classifieds and job listings,


c. virtual malls,


d. advertising campaigns,


25) ________ has/have the potential to enable faster connectivity, richer ways of interacting, and,


more powerful search engines.,


a. Enterprise applications,


b. Application program interface (API) services,


c. Web 3.0,


d. RSS and Web services


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