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(Answered) Boris is feeling really stressed and calls a friend for some advice.

"QUESTION1;1.;Boris is feeling really stressed and calls a friend for some advice. This is an example of a(n);coping strategy.;a. emotional;b. physical;c. behavioral;d. cognitive;QUESTION2.;1.;At a hostile family reunion, Paige is quite stressed. Her heart is racing, her emotions are frazzled;and she has crossed her arms to signal she's not to be disturbed. Paige's responses to the reunion are;known as;a. burnout.;b. general adaptation.;c. stressors.;d. stress reactions.;QUESTION3.;1.;After filling out a personality test, students were given individual personality profiles. Most said;that their profiles were fairly good descriptions of themselves, and they were amazed to discover that they;had all received the same profile. This illustrates one of the main criticisms of the __________ approach.;a. humanistic psychology;b. trait;c. cognitive behavioral;d. psychodynamic;QUESTION4.;1.;Alonzo was playing baseball and made a mistake. His coach yelled at him. Alonzo was angry, but;instead of yelling back, he punched his stuffed animals when he returned home. Alonzo displayed the;defense mechanism of;a. reaction formation.;b. displacement.;c. compensation.;d. rationalization.;QUESTION5.;1.;Darrin always feels angry. However, instead of recognizing his anger, Darrin believes that the;people around him are angry. He is utilizing the defense mechanism of;a. rationalization.;b. displacement.;c. projection.;d. sublimation.;QUESTION6.;1.;Dr. Aikman is a psychologist who studies the factors that help people adhere to more positive;lifestyles such as exercising and having a healthy diet. Dr. Aikman is most likely a;psychologist.;a. community;b. health;c. clinical;d. personality;QUESTION7.;1.;According to Rotter's expectancy theory, a persons decision to engage in a behavior is;determined by what the person expects to happen following the behavior and by;a. what cognitive person variables apply to the situation.;b. the value the person places on the outcome.;c. the conditions of worth the individual has created.;d. the relatively stable traits the individual possesses..;QUESTION8;1.;A psychologist at a mental health center was confused about how to diagnose a client. Which;nonprojective personality test might the psychologist administer to help develop a diagnosis?;a. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI);b. Rorschach Inkblot Test;c. Draw-a-Person Test (DAP);d. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT);QUESTION9.;1.;According to Freud, the ego, which evolves from the id and creates ways to get what one wants in;a world full of rules, operates on the __________ principle.;a. reality;b. morality;c. pleasure;d. compromise;Q U E S T I O N 10;1..;A person with a disease-resistant personality is one who;a. is very angry and resentful.;b. handles stress effectively.;c. is high on all big five characteristics.;d. has an external locus of control.;QUESTION11;1.;According to Selye's general adaptation syndrome model, an inexperienced soldier suddenly;thrust into a long, intense battle would most likely react in which of the following sequences?;a. Resistance, alarm reaction, exhaustion;b. Panic, illness, resistance;c. Alarm reaction, resistance, exhaustion.;d. Resistance, exhaustion, alarm reaction;QUESTION12.;1.;Based on research with adopted children and twins, which of the following is a justifiable;statement about the contribution of heredity to personality?;a. Identical twins that have been raised together have similar personality traits because of genetic;factors.;b People inherit predispositions for certain personality factors..;c. Birth order is one of the most important influences on personality.;d There are ""personality genes"" that determine certain personality traits..;QUESTION13.;1.;A student who handles the stress of a part-time job and a full-time course load in law school by;scheduling time carefully is using a __________ stress-coping method.;a. behavioral;b. cognitive;c. psychological;d. physiological;Q U E S T I O N 14.;1.;Carl Rogers contends that a childs self-concept develops as she receives __________ from;parents and teachers, has a congruent experience, and feels good about what she is doing.;a. self-efficacy;b. conditions of worth;c. positive regard;d. a growth orientation;QUESTION15.;1.;Andre is very organized and efficient but also very anxious and tense. On which two of the fivefactor personality model dimensions would Andre rate highly?;a. Conscientiousness, neuroticism;b. Agreeableness, emotionality-stability;c. Extraversion, openness to experience;d. Neuroticism, congruence;Q U E S T I O N 16.;1.;All of the following has been shown to be associated with suppressed immune system;functioning except;a. depression.;b. a lack of perceived control.;c. the death of a spouse.;d. an increase in natural killer cells.;Q U E S T I O N 17;1..;All of the following are behavioral stress responses except;a. catastrophizing.;b. alcohol abuse.;c. aggression.;d. strained facial expressions.;Q U E S T I O N 18.;1.;Batman and Spiderman are having lunch together. Spiderman confides that he can't take the stress;of crime fighting anymore. He's become accident prone, sad, irritable, and indifferent to the growing;injustice of the city. Based on what you know from the text, Spiderman seems to be suffering from;a. burnout.;b. dysthymic disorder.;c. social phobia.;d. posttraumatic stress disorder.;QUESTION19.;1.;According to psychodynamic principles, a little boy who continuously and mistakenly calls his;teacher ""Mom"" probably;a. has not successfully completed the oral and anal stages of development.;b. is making an age-appropriate developmental mistake.;c. has been influenced by the Thanatos instinct of sex and pleasure.;d. has some unconscious conflicts concerning his mother.;QUESTION20.;1.;After Eduardo takes a personality assessment based on the five-factor personality model, the;results indicate he is a gregarious and outgoing person who gains energy from being with other people. In;other words, Eduardo has scored high on the dimension of;a. emotionality-stability.;b. extraversion.;c. agreeableness.;d. growth orientation.;QUESTION21.;1.;After Natter narrowly avoids a car accident, he notices that his heart is beating rapidly and he;feels a ""rush"" from the adrenaline in his bloodstream. Natter is most likely in the __________ stage of the;general adaptation syndrome.;a. adaptation;b. alarm reaction;c. exhaustion;d. resistance;QUESTION22.;1.;Dr. Collins studies the patterns of psychological and behavioral characteristics by which each;person can be compared and contrasted with other people. Dr. Collins is best classified as a;psychologist.;a. clinical;b. behavioral;c. personality;d. social;QUESTION23;1..;According to Freud, if conflicts at any given psychosexual stage are unresolved, the;a. ego will fail to develop.;b. person will become a chain smoker or an alcoholic.;c. person will be unconsciously preoccupied with the area of pleasure.;d. person will make a rapid transition to the next stage in the sequence.;QUESTION24.;1.;Carlos talks excessively throughout the day. He also eats too much and drinks a lot. If you were a;Freudian psychologist, you would most likely say that Carlos has;a. an oral fixation.;b. an Oedipal complex.;c. too much libido.;d. a defective id.;QUESTION25;1.;After working a stressful job for years, Kyle has developed high blood pressure and an ulcer. In;which stage of the general adaptation syndrome would Selye place Kyle?;a. Attack;b. Exhaustion;c. Resistance;d. Alarm reaction"
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Boris is feeling really stressed and calls a friend for some advice.


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