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(Answered) Prepare and explain an SFAS matrix and a TOWS matrix for your selected company

Prepare and explain an SFAS matrix and a TOWS matrix for your selected company. Data presented in tables do not speak for themselves. Whenever you present the results of data analysis, you must interpret the data. What does it indicate? What does it mean? What are the implications? Please review Guidelines for the Strategic Audit Report/Preparing the tables: EFAS, IFAS, SFAS, and TOWS;Week 4 homework guidance.;Class, for this week?s individual assignment ensure you create your table (or if you don?t want to format in a table, just ensure you have all the information on your Word Document that should go in the table.) If you want to insert a table into your Word document, click on insert tab then click on table and select how many rows and columns. Ensure you answer the questions below and include in-text citations, reference page with properly formatted references, and ensure everything is in 3rd person and no opinions.;SFAS Questions that need to be addressed;A. Situational Analysis (include the SFAS matrix in the body of your report, not in an appendix);1. Of the external (EFAS) and internal (IFAS) factors listed, which are the strategic (most important) factors that strongly affect the company?s present and future performance?;2. Will this be an attractive industry in the future? What is happening in the external macro- environment and competitive environment to change the competitive dynamics of the industry?;3. Does the company?s current strategy fit with the external environment? Are the company?s activities and attributes appropriate for this environment?;Review of Mission Statement;1. Are the current vision and mission appropriate in light of the key strategic factors and problems?;2. What is the likely future of this company if it continues on its current path?;3. Should the mission statement be changed? If so, how?;4. If the mission statement is changed, what will be the most probable effects on the company?;TOWS Questions that need to be addressed;A. Strategic Alternatives (include the TOWS matrix in the body of your report, not in an appendix);1. Does the current strategy need to be changed or revised. Why? What evidence supports changing?;2. What are the major feasible alternative strategies available to the company? What are the pros and cons of each? Can scenarios be developed and agreed upon? (Alternatives must be compatible with societal environment, industry, and company for the next three to five years.);Consider stability, growth, and retrenchment as corporate strategies.;Consider cost leadership and differentiation as business strategies.;Consider any functional strategic alternatives that might be needed for reinforcement of an important corporate or business strategic alternative.;3. Assess those alternatives that will be most likely to move the company forward, and will help them attain a sustainable competitive advantage. Discuss each in detail, and use evidence to support why each will be effective.;needs to have graphs and questions answered needs;Attachment Preview;Guidelines_Strategic_Audit_Report_tables.pdf Download Attachment;Guidelines for the Strategic Audit Report;Adapted and revised from: Wheelen and Hunger, (2008). Concepts in Strategic;Management and Business Policy, 11th Ed., Pearson Education, Inc.;Purpose of the strategic audit assignment;Your assignment;Selecting a company for the strategic audit;An effective report;Required format for the strategic audit report;Required sections of the strategic audit report;Executive Summary;Current situation;Corporate governance;External environment: Opportunities and threats;Internal environment: Strengths and weaknesses;Analysis of strategic factors (SFAS);Strategic alternatives and recommended strategy (TOWS);Implementation of recommended strategy;Conclusions;Evaluating mission statements;Evaluating the Board of Directors;Preparing the tables: EFAS, IFAS, SFAS, and TOWS;Common-size statements;Analyzing financial statements;Analyzing financial ratios;Writing guidelines;Relaxed APA rules;Useful resources;Purpose of the strategic audit assignment;The point of this assignment is to see how well you can research, interpret, and draw;conclusions about the soundness and competitive position of a company. Opinions are not;worth any more than the evidence on which they are based. However, simply locating facts;is not sufficient, you also have to determine what those facts mean, and you have to report;everything in a convincing manner.;A strategic audit is usually done to help the firms management decide how to proceed, or;to support a potential investment or loan. The purpose of a strategic audit is essentially to;answer the question, What condition is this firm in? Because the audit is focused toward;answering this question, there must be a conclusion about what the audit shows.;Therefore, while this is mostly an objective, informative report, there is a persuasive twist;at the end.;1;The strategic audit is not an exam where you simply type in the right response. The;questions listed below serve as a basic guide for your efforts. These questions are a bare;minimum, and you need to answer all of them. However, these questions are not intended;to limit your research or limit what you report.;Think of the audit more like an investigative report. The reader wants to know something;significant about the company. Are they on the right track, or not? Is this a good operation;or not? Are they worth an investment or a loan?;RETURN TO REQUIRED SECTIONS OF REPORT;RETURN TO TOP;Your assignment is to;Select a public company to review.;Use the questions and instructions on pp. 4-10 to analyze the company.;Use the prescribed format on p. 3 to prepare a written report.;RETURN TO REQUIRED SECTIONS OF REPORT;RETURN TO TOP;An effective report;This exercise is designed to make you think, not just about collecting company facts, but;also about how to communicate what those facts mean in an effective, informative;persuasive manner. Please remember, this is a senior-level course. We expect a lot as you;near the end of your studies.;The key to an effective report requires thinking about the purpose of the report.;Remember, the purpose of a strategic audit is essentially to answer the question, What;condition is this firm in? Therefore, everything in the audit should be directed toward;answering this question. To help decide, you might ask yourself how you would prepare;such a report if it were going to the CEO of your employer company instead of to your;course instructor.;What would top level executives be looking for? First of all, they want something that is;quick to read, easy to read, and easy to understand. They want something objective, that;sticks to the facts, and does not ramble on about unimportant points. They want something;that omits editorial comments or reflects editorial bias, at least until the conclusions at the;end. They want it written without grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors (in fact, they;tend to discard reports that contain such errors). They prefer an executive summary at the;beginning, which is often done in bullet-format. (NOTE: Although this is not APA style, it;does make good corporate sense, and bullets will be allowed in the executive summary.);RETURN TO REQUIRED SECTIONS OF REPORT;RETURN TO TOP;2;Required format for the strategic audit report;The strategic audit report is divided into nine prescribed format sections as shown below.;Your report must be formatted in the order shown. The main sections are highlighted in;yellow. There are several questions in each section (see pp. 4-10 for details) which must be;addressed in the report.;A few of the APA rules will be relaxed, as indicated in the writing guidelines section of this;document. However, proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling are still required, and;many of the APA rules will still apply, especially those concerning citations and references.;Papers without proper citations and references will not be accepted.;Everything must be in the main body of your report, including the EFAS, IFAS, SFAS, and;TOWS tables. Tables must be formatted to fit into the regular paper, which may require;some crea
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Prepare and explain an SFAS matrix and a TOWS matrix for your selected company


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