(Answered) Efficient Market Hypothesis

The assignment is about critically evaluating the existing literature on the implications of efficient market hypothesis. I am expected to review both theoretical and empirical literature.;I'm interpretating in a number of ways - I am required to 'critically evaluate the existing literature on the implications of efficient market hypothesis;Does that mean I should follow the lines of finding literature that critizies / evaluate or anything on EMH and come up with a conclusion of how EMH has been 'affected' by these critics? Or is it on the lines of behavioural finance.;I have found limited literatures on wikipledia under the section 'critisim and behavioural finance' - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Efficient_market_hypothesis;If you could help by;1. a guide on how should I approach the question /personal view of answering the question;2 layering an outline and format / approach you would take when attempting to answer the question;3. finding more literatures (both theoretical and empirical) than those few found on wikipledia;4. answering how these literatures have an implication to EMC;-the views of people working with the finance sector (stockers, bank);-attitudes of investors and their confidence;- EMH's reliabilty;- whether it has changed or not, compare the past (i.e. before and after economic crisis in 2008;5. telling me what other related issues that you would consider worth note taking and relevant to the question that i haven't explored;Please put a clear references/links behind any theories / literature reviews you have used.
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Efficient Market Hypothesis


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